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Making business travel radically simple

At Comtravo, we all believe booking and managing business travel is far too complicated and time consuming - and that you would rather spend your time doing something more useful instead. That's why we originally invented Comtravo as we found there where no simple and cost-effective business travel solutions that were tailored to the specific needs of medium sized businesses.

Hundreds of happy customers

We already have a large number of customers using Comtravo every day to book and manage their business travel, this number is growing fast and we are doing everything we can to scale and extend our business to support the demand. The feedback we get is encouraging and the value we are providing to our customers very clear.

Putting human first

We always put the needs of our customers first, we obsessively design and build our product to fit in with the way people book and manage their travel. Human travel experts are always on hand to help out and make sure things go smoothly.

Embracing technology and innovation

At Comtravo we embrace new ideas and truly believe technology can improve our daily lives. We are constantly looking to find ways to innovate and harness the technology to simplify the complex processes that normally result in products that are hard to understand and therefore use, we strive to push the boundaries and keep our customer's most important needs in mind at all times.

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