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An entire team has got your back

Business travel is usually thought of as a booking and trip management hassle that is not very enjoyable for both travelers and travel managers. We at Comtravo are here to change this for you and make business travel as pleasant as possible.


Who we are

Comtravo is the leading business travel provider in the DACH area. We place a lot of value on our human-machine approach: You will always deal with real humans here, and we’re using our technology in the background to provide you with travel offers tailored to your needs even faster. Our team is located in three offices in Germany to give you a local service for the respective region.

Team North

Our Team North in Hamburg adds a fresh breeze with a big heap of friendliness to your business travel bookings.

Team Central

Berlin is the home of our Team Central that always has a smile on the face for you, your bookings, and requests.

Team South

Team South is based in the town of Neu-Ulm, where all your trips will be handled with Comtravo’s high level of care that you know.


What we stand for


Customer support is in our DNA – we know how important it is for travelers and companies to have a reliable partner by their side. That’s why we have a strong team of travel experts who are always available for you.


We work with state-of-the-art technology like artificial intelligence and natural language processing and aim at continuously making our product better based on customer feedback.


Business trips are quite often still being booked with outdated software and mostly manually. It’s our mission to create a solution that is user friendly, efficient, and time-saving for you.
  • About

    “Comtravo’s big advantage is the unique combination of technology with a human touch that puts the customer at the center. That’s an unbeatable benefit.”

    Joop Drechsel
    Former global CEO at BCD Travel and investor as well as board member at Comtravo
  • About

    “We are very impressed with Comtravo’s vision of increasing efficiencies for both businesses and travel managers without compromising on high-quality service and a positive customer experience.”

    Lior Litwak
    Partner at M12 - Microsoft's Venture Fund

We live and breathe business travel

Our team has 200+ employees, for example, data scientists, engineers, and travel experts. We all work towards our goal of combining service with technology to change the travel industry long term.

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Our team of 200+ is truly enthusiastic about travel. We use our knowledge and passion to simplify business travel even further and create an overall positive travel experience.

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Travel experts

We have a very dedicated and experienced team of travel experts that puts a lot of emphasis on the customers’ needs and quality.

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Tech employees

To make our product really efficient and to tailor it to your needs, we have a strong tech team that continuously works on optimizing the tool and implementing new features.


How it all began


Comtravo was founded in the heart of Berlin in 2015. From experience, we know what it’s like to try finding a business travel tool for your company.

The idea for Comtravo came about when our founders were on the road a lot in their previous jobs. It was then that they noticed that all existing options for booking business travel were slow, too expensive, and not tailored to SMEs.

While the travel industry has been improving a lot for vacationers and private travelers, the business travel industry stopped moving forward at some point. And that’s exactly the gap Comtravo wants to bridge – booking and managing business travel can (and should be) simple, cost-saving, and efficient without losing the customer focus.

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