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Our story

How an idea became a company

Comtravo was founded in the heart of Berlin in 2015. From experience, we know what it’s like to try finding a business travel tool for your company.

The idea for Comtravo came about when our founders were on the road a lot in their previous jobs. It was then that they noticed that all existing options for booking business travel were slow, too expensive, and not tailored to SMEs.

While the travel industry has been improving a lot for vacationers and private travelers, the business travel industry stopped moving forward at some point. And that’s exactly the gap Comtravo wants to bridge – booking and managing business travel can (and should be) simple, cost-saving, and efficient.

Our approach

How we work at Comtravo

We work with state-of-the-art technology and we push ourselves to continuously improve our product and ourselves.
Business trips are still being booked with outdated software. It’s our goal to offer a simple and smart business travel solution.
Modern technology alone can’t do it all. That’s why we have a strong team full of superheroes.
Our team

We are true travel experts

Our team consists of 130 employees, including data scientists, IT developers, and travel experts. Together, we pursue the goal of sustainably changing the travel industry.




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